Viewing the Human Body as the Ultimate Machine

Viewing the Human Body as the Ultimate Machine

The NCCPT is committed to ensuring everyone seeking our certification are well educated in the foundational sciences related to the movement sciences. One of our missions to ensure those involved in physical training program development are equipped with the right tools necessary for analyzing movement, optimizing technique for all participants, maximizing the instruction process for all exercises to maximum effectiveness which will, in turn, help minimize the risk of injury. Another mission is to assess the vast amount of training information then teach how to use this information accordingly and properly. This information should be logically organized to ensure all the pieces of this information fit together correctly for optimizing its usage for success. Below is a pictorial description to give one an idea of how random information, properly linked together, will form one’s ability to develop “knowledge.”

Less is More: Strategies for keeping children active

Think back to a time when children had fewer choices; when we had fewer choices. You could not sit on the couch and watch YouTube videos on your iPad or play video games with someone you’ve never met on X-Box. Fewer options to stay inside meant more choices to play outdoors and be active. It is a challenge to get children up and active these days. In this article, you will find strategies to keep children active along with a basic understanding of how to know if a child is healthy.

Holiday Strategies – Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves and a Change Your Client Can Stick With

The holiday season is overpowering, even for those with the strongest of willpower. There are far too many internal and external pressures, stresses and anxieties to expect clients to remember a list of do’s and don’ts to get them through the holidays without gaining a few extra pounds. All the tips, tricks and expert advice won’t stop an “elephant” from leading its rider off the right path. So instead, help them focus. Give them one small, accomplishable task that will help influence the behavior you want to see them maintain during the season. The smaller the better because you want your clients to survive the holidays feeling victorious. That will not only help instill the behavior long-term, it will allow them to also enjoy their holidays, instead of dreading them.