Featured Trainer: Brandon Harrison

Beginning at a very young age, Brandon Harrison was no stranger to struggle and discipline. He grew up in Clinton, Maryland with his mother and brother. His brother was diagnosed with autism, and in a single-parent household, Brandon dedicated his home-time to supporting his family and taking care of his brother. Even amidst his familial responsibilities, Brandon still found time to be with his friends. Already showing a love for fitness, he played various sports, including soccer, and even studied martial arts, he says “I got into martial arts at the age of 12 and loved the discipline – it was mind, body, and spirit.”

By the time he was in high school, Brandon took up wrestling and track, not knowing that one day this conditioning would help him become a NCCPT dynamic trainer.  Continuing to grow his passion for fitness, he loved staying active and built strong relationships with his teammates and friends. 

When Brandon turned 16, his father came back into his life and they rekindled a long overdue relationship. Brandon’s father worked as a physical therapist and invited Brandon to work at his clinic in Texas during summer breaks.  Unfortunately, the positive relationship didn’t last. A few days before his 19th birthday, Brandon got into a physical altercation with his father that dislocated and damaged his shoulder. Although his father claimed it was an accident, Brandon left Texas with yet another disappointment and a physical injury that would last permanently.  

However, Brandon was determined not to let a summer gone wrong mess with his goals for his future.  His passion for fitness got him into the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, where he became the mascot and worked with various athletic teams at the college.  Exceeding both in athletics and academics, Brandon graduated a semester early with a degree in Exercise Science and went on Howard University for physical therapy. Still impacted by his shoulder, Brandon limited his sports to water polo and managed to adapt his injury to martial arts. Brandon purposely delayed his surgery until after graduation, saying “If I had the surgery, I knew I would have had to get out of school.” 

Fresh out of college, Brandon explored what it took to become a personal trainer and found NCCPT. Once certified, he started applying to fitness clubs in the area and within no time was hired by Gold’s Gym.   Now an experienced trainer, Brandon trains clients of all ages including people with mental and physical disabilities and those struggling with weight. Brandon says, “I’m very big on developmental fitness where I focus on moving patterns, sports skills and bodyweight exercises…making it more fun for the clientele and not necessarily using traditional machines.”  

Besides his scholastic background and real-world experiences, Brandon owes a lot to NCCPT.  He says, “It’s a very good company and I learned a lot through education that I didn’t even learn in Physical Therapy school.  It developed me into being a great personal trainer.” Currently, Brandon is working on a sports nutrition associates degree and opening nutritional stops at GNC.  He hopes to create his own training studio one day and lives by the motto “Always look at how you can move forward. Keep moving.”

For more information on Brandon Harrison or to connect with him personally, email branharr2010@gmail.com