Featured Trainer: Hala Kaiss

Featured Trainer Hala Kaiss

Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, Hala Kaiss had a strong support group from the get go. Health consciousness was a mantra the family lived by and held on to when they moved to Alberta, Canada. The house was always filled with home cooked meals and rarely any junk food around, which Hala says “always made me wonder why our cupboards weren’t the same as
my friends’.”

Besides healthy eating, Hala and her siblings were involved in sports and dance, which stemmed
from the active culture celebrated in Canada. While still in high school, Hala’s parents bought
her a gym membership and it took some nudging before she agreed to join. Within no time, her
love for fitness was so prevalent that at the age of 15, she was approached by the gym’s Group
Exercise director (Michele Nesbitt) to start teaching classes. By 16, she started her profession as a group exercise instructor and by age 28, fulfilled her long-term goal of becoming a Psychologist.

As years went by, Hala found cohesion between psychology and fitness, which is why she devotes her time to both professions. Hala says, “There’s a huge psychological connection to fitness, and many fitness institutions miss the component of mental health and do not address things such as negative self-talk, anxiety, self-esteem, etc.” When she is teaching, Hala can be found at Orangetheory Fitness which specializes in Group Personal Training and accommodates all fitness levels. Each unique workout incorporates a number of different training tools including, treadmills, water rowers, dumbbells, suspension straps, ab rollers, resistance bands, benches, and BOSU balls. Currently, Hala is the longest standing Canadian fitness Coach at Orangetheory Fitness.

The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) has played an integral part in Hala’s fitness journey, which is why she got certified with the company years ago and aims to stay. She boasts NCCPT’s educational platform to be user-friendly and loves the continuing education. More importantly, she says “The material was fantastic and the people were great to deal with.”

Looking into the future, Hala is preparing to compete in The Arnold Amateur in Columbus,
Ohio later this year. When asked about what motivates her to make big moves in life, she says
“Small steps lead to big strides and big changes – Make those small behavioral changes (pack a
lunch, take the stairs, drink more water) and they will surely add up! Secondly, sustainability.
Try to work something into your lifestyle…it’s not about short-term fixes. If you cannot see
yourself doing it forever, it probably isn’t going to be effective. It has to be sustainable and
realistic for you and you must consider the sacrifices you may have to make if wanting experience long-term success.”

For more information on Hala Kaiss and to join her journey, you can reach her at: hala@authenticselfpsychology.com

Written by: Hamed Hamad