Featured Trainer: Ginni Bradbury

Ginni Bradbury: An Inspirational and Compassionate Personal Trainer

By Nicole Borgenicht

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Ginni Bradbury went to high school and college in Buffalo NY where she began an administrative career. In 2002, Bradbury moved to Escondido, CA where she became a personal trainer and practices there today. At first, she was hired to personal train at a gym, but her early administrative career had laid the groundwork for Bradbury. Therefore, in time Ginni developed her own personal training business. Check her out at https://www.gfitness4life.com

Growing up, Bradbury had chronic anxiety. “Exercise was my therapy, and a way to release my anxiety. It was never a chore, I would get grounded and really enjoyed doing it.” As much as Ginni loved exercise and fitness, she didn’t see the possibility of connecting it to work at first. Without passion for administrative work, Ginni spent too much of her free time partying until she hit bottom. “At that point I decided to take my passion for fitness as a career to keep me grounded and help other people benefit as well.” Bradbury is a great role model with both a fighting and a giving spirit, which has continued throughout her career. She is filled with compassion for her clients who want to take on their challenges (whatever they are) and to be understood.

“Healthy living and fitness inspired me to find my way of out a dark hole I was living in. I want my passion to help others,” says Bradbury. In her youth, Bradbury was quite athletic on the crew team at Buffalo Academy of The Sacred Heart. high school. She wasn’t competitive and in time was pulled from the team due to breathing problems. She’s always had “some health issues” but the experience taught her about dedication as they trained at 5:30 a.m. before school opened. “That’s definitely where I learned how much I loved to workout hard and train with a group.” Bradbury says.

When Ginni first discovered the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers by surfing online, she appreciated the company certification affordability, since she was literally “trying out” her new career. Bradbury knew her passion for fitness would be a significant part of a career, but she still needed to prove herself as a good trainer in every way. The fact that NCCPT was a newer certification, Bradbury felt there would likely be contemporary programs and benefits. First, she achieved her personal training certification from NCCPT, then she became NCCPT certified in the following additional areas: flexibility specialist, group exercise instructor, senior fitness specialist and weight management specialist. With additional interest in being a health coach, Bradbury is adding on a additional certification, which specializes in blood sugar, to complement her NCCPT specialties so she may also develop overall, wellness programs.
Maintaining her focus on personal training, Bradbury felt educated after viewing the numerous NCCPT videos, reading the book and manuals, and taking practice tests through NCCPT. “It was a very thorough certification process, and the NCCPT personal training certification was designed very well,” she says.
With clients from the ages of 23 to 92, Bradbury concludes, “The diverse ages and fitness levels of my clientele is due to multiple certifications through NCCPT that have guided me to train a broad group of people.”

One client success story is a lady in her mid-70s who could hardly walk without her cane or pain when Ginni met her a year and a half ago. “Due to a prior sickness, her body seized up and she had given into a sedentary lifestyle. I got her moving,” Bradbury says, “I pushed her through the pain safely. It is very important for a trainer to help the client during rehab to utilize correct form and train safely beyond the pain.” Bradbury worked with her client three or four days a week creating a challenge for 2018 whereby the lady had walked 1000 miles during the course of the year!

A believer in baby steps, Ginni’s training philosophy is: “Small changes lead to big results. Training is not all or nothing but the importance is in forgiving.” Bradbury senses we are all too hard on ourselves, “We need to be more forgiving, and some days are better than others.” Rather than quitting after a bad workout, she has her clients focus on a better session coming up.

Sharing the wherewithal to inspire others, Ginni deals with her own chronic pain and autoimmune disease. “It is a huge struggle,” Bradbury says, “and it’s getting worse which makes it difficult to do group classes.” Facing her situation head-on, Bradbury is seeing the nation’s top doctors and specialists to improve her physical challenges. Being attentive to her body, she says means, “I practice what I preach. Since we all have different challenges we need to listen to our bodies and pace ourselves.”

Bradbury has formed a health community on Facebook, with motivational challenges and support through struggles. She continues to train her clients in person and if Bradbury is having a bad day while teaching in a group setting, she may choose one of her long-time clients as an example of proper form for the class. In her one-on-one training, Bradbury says, “I use different aspects of being a trainer. When I’m having an off day, I do my best to inspire them and they do their best for themselves; my clients say ‘I inspire them’!”

No hardship will alter her course. “NCCPT was the start of going through a door to my career passion and new life” says Bradbury. A business and lifestyle in personal training, group fitness with a motivational community of exercises and guidance, Ginni Bradbury is dedicated to the strength and wellness of her clientele.