Featured Trainer: Jeffrey Whittle

While some people complain about not having enough hours in the day, others make the time to achieve all their dreams.

Born and raised in Cedar Rapid, Iowa, Jeffrey Whittle worked on a small farm since he was nine years old.  Besides eating the fruits of family labor, he learned time management, discipline and accountability.  Jeffrey takes prides in his upbringing saying, “I was always active.  I worked on the farm and was an avid outdoorsman -hunting, fishing and hiking, but did not play high school sports because of distance and time factors.”  Although school athletics were not easily accessible, Jeffrey played Little League Baseball for several summers and was named an All-Star one season.

Growing up, Jeffrey always wanted to be a radio announcer and ended up landing his first on-air job as a DJ senior year in high school.  Despite his love for radio, he went on to college changing his major from broadcast journalism to business management.  However, that original passion lived on, granting him a morning news anchor position on 790-AM KABC in Los Angeles.

Jeffrey says, “I had no idea I was going to become a personal trainer.  When I turned 40, my wife and I joined a gym and started personal training to try to get into shape and I loved it from the beginning.”  It was then that he met fellow Iowan and NFL star Austin Wheatley, whom he later trained with and became the catalyst behind Jeffrey’s decision to become a personal trainer.

After deciding to get his personal training certification, Jeffrey chose NCCPT and referred to Austin as he was studying for the exam.  Currently, Jeffrey holds a Senior Fitness Specialist certification with NCCPT and works primarily with senior citizens to help regain their strength, balance and mobility, especially for those who have undergone surgery.  Jeffrey says, “I have to modify many of the exercises we do, to accommodate them.  Some clients need to do almost all of their exercises while seated, due to mobility or balance issues, so I spend time modifying exercises for them for safety reasons.”

During his personal training and radio career, Jeffrey manages to find time to train himself in between client sessions.  He also takes part in charity fitness events such as PossAbilities Sprint Triathlon, which he plans to continue competing in in the future.  Jeffrey is proud to be a part of the NCCPT family and enjoyed working with career counselor Lyndsey Preston.  NCCPT not only offered suggestions on CEUs, but also helped arrange job interviews which landed him his first corporate gym position as a trainer.

At the beginning of 2019, Jeffrey left the corporate gym world where he was a trainer and started recruiting and training his own clients.  He plans to open his own gym and remain focused on senior citizens.  Despite the challenges that may come through, Jeffrey says, “I refuse to let myself become discouraged or overwhelmed and focus on doing each of the little tasks that must be finished in order to complete the entire project.”

For more information on Jeffrey Whittle and to connect with him personally, email him at: defjeff@sbcglobal.net.

Article Written By: Hamed Hamad