Featured Trainer: Eva Meier

“Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.” -Alfred Adler

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Eva Meier was an avid dancer and started ballet at a very young age. She joined the Washington School of Ballet and kept dancing until she moved to Chicago to pursue an undergraduate degree. Eva says, “Ballet was my first movement education, but I never thought I’d be in personal training.” Unfortunately, years of rigorous training and discipline led to severe sciatica at the age of 18. Eva already had two herniated discs and sometimes could not walk the entire way home, resting on people’s front porches from the pain. Although Eva’s family were supportive of her life choices and decisions, there was very little they could do being 1,000 miles away. Less than a year later, Eva quit dancing and did six months of physical therapy. While in therapy, she says, “I noticed I don’t know how to sit still well. I had to find the strength from within.”

On a break from school, her passion to remain active landed Eva an internship at South Loop Strength and Conditioning in Chicago. As a result, she took a great deal of core conditioning techniques and knowledge back to DC to help kick-start her career.  Eva’s friends were ecstatic that she was not only molding her career to help others, but also helping to recondition her body. 

While taking on a job in DC as a front desk admin for a corporate gym, management offered Eva the opportunity to become a personal trainer, which is how she found out about NCCPT.  She says, “It was a right place, right time type of situation. I was really impressed by the depth of the textbooks and loved the staff…specifically Lindsey who has the best attitude!   The continuing education and the types of courses offered are great!”

Today, Eva has her own company called Ligne Pilates and Movement where she focuses primarily on people seeking rehabilitative and preventative fitness.  She trains clients from 30-60 years of age using various techniques such as the reformer, therabands, and resistance bands, depending on what the client is going through.  Eva says, “Pain isn’t age-specific.  I want people to use their bodies to their potential.  I’ll never take for granted that I have two working legs and I can be mobile.”

Looking into the future, Eva is working on launching an online fitness program and owning her own studio.  She strives to live by her personal mantra, ”Using movement to align your life -your body, your mood.”

For more information on Eva Meier or to connect with her personally, please visit the following:

Email: eva@lignepilates.com

Instagram: @eva_in_dc