Featured Trainer: Deborah Arbach

There is no right or wrong way to get into personal training as seen through Deb Arbach’s route into the field. Growing up, Deb has always been active, primarily through high school sports including field hockey & track. Deb continued her education and earned a B.S. in business at The College of Saint Elizabeth. She then proceeded to earn an M.B.A at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She ended up working in telecommunications for 13 years. During that time she had moved away from home and started going to the gym on a regular basis. Deb found that fitness was the perfect way for her to channel her energy and relieve stress from work.

When she started a family, she decided to quit her job in order to spend time raising her children. As her children began school and were spending less time at home, Deb asked herself “What next?” She had transitioned from personal workouts to taking group fitness classes at the HealthQuest of Hunterdon (Flemington, NJ). She loved the classes she was taking and decided to take the plunge and get certified in SPIN (group cycling classes). She was lucky enough to have the Group Fitness Director, Linda Romaine as both a mentor/boss. Linda encouraged and supported her to pursue more fitness certifications. Deb had caught the fitness bug and ended up obtaining certifications in the following Les Mills Programs: BodyPump, BodyFlow, CXWORX, Grit Series, CARDIO, PLYO and STRENGTH. She also started a Running Club and Triathlon Training Club at Healthquest that participated in races all over New Jersey. After a few years of group fitness, she became interested in the Pilates Reformer. She took over the Pilates Studio at HealthQuest and worked specifically on improving her clients mobility, flexibility and strength.

After moving, Deb continued following her fitness passion at her current gym, The Atlantic Club. She spent time watching personal trainers and was inspired seeing clients achieve their goals. She then pursued a Personal Training Certification and Flexibility Specialist Certification through the NCCPT. She approached the Fitness Manager about taking on some floor hours as a trainer. She finds it rewarding to help people overcome their obstacles and help them reach their goals. She continued working on additional certifications while also utilizing The Atlantic Club’s educational platform, Smart Fitness. While being reluctant to go completely digital, Deb was amazed at how user friendly the program was. Deb who valued the comradery at HealthQuest found support from her fellow staff also studying to get certified who kept saying, “We all motivate each other and help each other.”

As for her own personal goals, Deb hopes to participate in the London Marathon, Berlin Marathon and an Ironman Race. Her life mantra is “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you,” she will continue using this saying to her group fitness classes as well as personal training clients in order to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Article Written By: Hamed Hamad