Featured Trainer: Wendy Gaines

In the wake of social media, distraction and lack of self-awareness, no age group is exempt from this epidemic. Luckily for her clients, Wendy Gaines offers more than just personal training.

Growing up in San Diego, Wendy Gaines’ childhood was full of insight and exploration thanks to her father. He introduced the family to exotic cuisines and taught them to appreciate diversity of all sorts. At a very early age, Wendy stayed active and energetic – no doubt prophesizing a career in personal training. She says, “The gym was simply a place to utilize unexplained energy that existed within.”

The more she put time and effort at the gym, the more Wendy caught the attention of fellow members, which led to a career in Weight Management. Wendy’s physique and meticulous workouts garnered her countless clientele from San Diego to Riverside County. In the midst of this organic success, Wendy also became a College Counselor, fulfilling a need from students and school staff members. Wendy says, “I was listening to complaints and criticism about appearance on a daily occurrence.” These patterns of low self-esteem and confidence was traced to peer pressure, stress at home and poor diet which led to poor performance at school. As a high school and college counselor, Wendy provides knowledgeable practices that empower individuals to stimulate critical thinking relating to individual choices and creates customized goals that reinforce accountability.

As for lifestyle and workout regimens, Wendy is a huge advocate of cardio, strength training and a lean diet consisting of antioxidants and good bacteria. When asked about NCCPT, she says “They offer convenient, accessible and thorough material for professionals like myself. There’s a rep that I usually work with. She’s highly knowledgeable and played a major role and influence, as she’s highly aware of my style, practice and mission, as it relates to empowering students and clients’ lives.” Looking into the future, Wendy’s goal is to continue to grow, learn and pursue a lifestyle with wisdom and stand out in a positive light. She says, “My goal is to continue to promote and encourage healthy habits. Influencing individuals to look deeper inside, showing that failure and vulnerability may be necessary for change to take place.” In addition, she wishes to run total wellness programs and workshops implementing academic curriculum associated with healthy lifestyle.

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