Featured Trainer: Tina Belazeros

Born and raised in Kansas, Tina Belazeros was surrounded by love and discipline as an only child. Tina says growing up in the Midwest during the 70’s, meant lots of family time and “down home cooking at grandma’s house.” Fried foods, pop, desserts, meat, potatoes and just plain old comfort food was the norm. However, comfortable eating habits did not stop Tina’s love or influence for physical activity.

At the age of 10, Tina took all styles of dance and learned to play multiple musical instruments. She stayed active up to adulthood, which is when her father gradually began influencing Tina’s career. Her father saw Taekwondo as a form of team-building and self-motivation consequently, he convinced his daughter and her 3 year-old son to join. Within no time, Tina was hooked on the sport and became a 2nd degree black belt, which she says, had traits that “carried over into everyday life.”

Now at the age of 49, Tina never imagined she would ever become a personal trainer and inspire people the way she does. She created a fully functional and private studio in her spacious garage, complete with free weights, suspension training, stability balls and more. She is also a huge fan of compound exercises and body weight training such as Tabata/HIIT workouts and uses her Weight Management certification to help coach clients on the importance of diet. In addition to personal training, Tina is an avid consultant for Arbonne International, a holistic and vegan health and wellness company. When it comes to clientele, she has trained athletes, fighters, former trainers and men and women from all walks of life. She believes that “Being active and knowing what we are capable of, will set the foundation for a much healthier future. It will make aging less daunting mentally and less strenuous physically.”

When it comes to NCCPT, Tina has been extremely pleased with her experience, especially working with Adele. She says, “NCCPT makes it easy for me to make choices when selecting my CEU’s and the company is always supportive.” Looking forward, Tina wishes to prolong her personal training career and making a name for herself in her new town of Birmingham, Alabama.

Besides self-motivation and good energy that surrounds her, Tina owes her utmost strength from a bible verse: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13). Tina says, “When things get tough in life or during a workout and I want to give in to the pain, I recite that in my head. There are always going to be struggles that come our way, but it is how we choose to handle them and being able to live with ourselves from the decisions that have been made.”

To connect with Tina Belazeros, visit tinabelazeros.arbonne.com or email her directly at tinabela02@gmail.com.