Featured Trainer: Michael Hojjatie

By Hamed Hamad


As the world continues to change the way we speak, live and even communicate with one
another, some things will remain the same.
Growing up as a fearless and determined child, Michael Hojjatie idolized people who were
physically bigger and stronger than him. As soon as he entered high school, Michael got into
bodybuilding and constantly sought knowledge that helped him grow not only as a trainee but
also as a person. To this day, he looks up to Arnold Schwarzenegger and even has three tattoos
of him.
Over the years, Michael also found passion in judo, boxing and later Yin yoga, which is a style of
yoga that helps you sit longer and more comfortably by stretching connective tissue around the
joints. During all this self-discovery, Michael never thought that he would one day take all this
insight and become a personal trainer. One day he says, “I decided to stop chasing unicorns in
my professional life and actually do what I know, and what I’m good at. It worked.”
As soon as Michael got serious about his career, he sought out NCCPT and the rest was history.
Now as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Michael’s biggest and best traits
are his ability to positively encourage his clients and motivate them during and after a session. “I
play lots of mind games with them,” he says. “I tell them things like ‘Last set, finish strong here
and you get to go home!’ or ‘You’ve survived worse than this and you know it!’ to get them to
put their all into the session.” He believes exercise is as much a spiritual and mental journey (if
not more) than a physical one. Michael takes clients from all walks of life and does not set limits
for himself nor them.
Besides training, Michael is also a Brand Ambassador for the supplement company Insane Labz
and swears by their effective product line. Michael feels hard work and dedication and total
transparency are the keys to a long, healthy, and prosperous existence. And when asked about
his future goals and aspirations, he simply wants to be his best self: “When your heart and mind
are in the right place and you’ve got that killer instinct where you refuse to give up and refuse to
slow down…trust me, the body will fall into place succinctly!”
For more information on Michael Hojjatie or to connect with him personally, please visit his
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/barbariran