Featured Trainer: Lorelei Sprott

Destiny is a beautiful thing, but it often comes with thorns you never expected.

Lorelei Sprott grew up in the Pomona-Claremont area where she had a wonderful upbringing. She came from a line of intelligent family members who valued the power of the mind. Her mother was a speech pathologist and her father a psychology professor at USC who created the first alcohol counseling school used today. Lorelei says, “Communication and education was so important, specifically the way the mind was trained.” For years, she sat in the back of her parents’ college classes soaking in as much knowledge from them.

At 17, Lorelei was in a near fatal accident when a truck rear-ended her on a dreadful rainy day. The accident landed Lorelei in the hospital with no feeling in her legs and doctors had no hope for a full recovery. However, years of sports and spirituality coupled with physical therapy, made the long road to recovery more than possible.

After graduating high school and getting into California Lutheran University, Lorelei had a different vision for herself. She left school and met Mike Sabel, who nicknamed her “Lady Schwarzenegger” due to her immaculate physique. Not too long after that meeting, the rest was history. Lorelei became an accomplished model and worked for Jack Lalanne following her life mantra “A happy, healthy body never goes out of style.”

Despite the success, once again, turbulent times were around the corner. After two normal child births, Lorelei’s third experience lacked care and compassion. Although a reputable doctor, he purposely sped the delivery of dozens of babies (including Lorelei’s) to save time. Even after nationwide shame and an end to his career, the doctor’s actions caused countless of injuries and fractures for the babies. Luckily, Lorelei’s son was born healthy, however, she developed cancer, two tumors and three cysts shortly after birth. She says, “I am sure they were directly attributed to the stress and trauma of that delivery.” However, with a good medical team, support group and trainer by her side, Lorelei overcame yet another one of life’s unexpected challenges.

Now happy and healthy, Lorelei is enjoying the fruitfulness of personal training. Even though she’s been in the industry for years, she discovered NCCPT on her own and fell in love with the efficiency of the online program. Lorelei says, “Within three days of studying, I devoured the information, passed the exam and refreshed 30 years of experience. It’s very user-friendly to develop yourself, learn and work with people who remember you.” In addition to her NCCPT certification, Lorelei is an avid horseback rider, Elite Aquatics Fitness Specialist and a Level 3 Hydrotone Trainer. Her clientele are men and women from all walks of life, mainly with an aim to lose weight.

Today, Lorelei divides her inspiration and expertise between California, Nevada and Arizona helping people “create their own rhythm.” When asked what the future holds for her, she says, “I would just love to inspire a brand new generation and be the best I can be.”

For more information on Lorelei Sprott or to connect with her personally, visit www.aqua-tone.com or www.facebook.com/pg/ RockinLAquatoneFitnessandNutrition

By Hamed Hamad