Featured Trainer: Linzi Martinez

By Hamed Hamad

Where you start and where you end up in life will never be the same.

Growing up as a gymnast in Toronto, Canada, Linzi Martinez competed as a kid till she was 21 and for over two decades has been a coach.  As much as she loved gymnastics, nothing really compelled her to think or become a personal trainer.  After earning a degree in Communications from the University of Windsor and working for a marketing firm, she felt that something was missing.  Linzi says, “Marketing was more about me and not at all about changing lives.” This motivated her to leave that industry, go back to school and major in nutrition.  Shortly after, she moved to Florida with her three kids.

Linzi also worked as a photographer. As Linzi continued her work as a photographer, she remained in the best shape possible.  She was asked to fill in for a fitness class and instantly fell in love with changing lives.  Linzi then started her own personal training business and incorporated nutrition for all her clients.  Recently, she launched an internet TV show called Happy Healthy Stronger which reached over 100,000 viewers.  Because of her desire to change as many lives as possible, she decided to do a makeover challenge in order to show people how to help themselves.  What she needed however, was “a pristine certification prior to launching the program for confidence and credit,” and that’s when the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers came into the picture.  Linzi’s son, Ethan, was attending their local LA Fitness and found out their trainers were certified by the NCCPT, and that’s all it took!  Within no time, she created the 6-week makeover and the show was picked up by WBTVN – viewed both nationally and globally.

To date, Linzi has trained celebrities such as American World No. 1 Tennis Player Chris Evert and WTA player Madison Keys. She currently trains women and men over 40 who want to take charge and feel alive again.  Linzi refuses to work with anyone who isn’t willing to go through a nutritional evaluation, because she says, “the two work together.”  Linzi does many of her workouts with her clients with helps with her retention rate.  From running marathons to food shopping, her hands-on approach is what makes Linzi’s job more of an experience.

Not too long ago a lifestyle magazine approached Linzi to do a feature on women in fitness of South Florida and asked all participants to wear clothes from a reputable fitness brand.  The same week she was looking for an outfit, Linzi was contacted by a marketing person for a company who used to be on Linzi’s show. The company ended up providing Linzi with different outfits for her shoot and on that same day asked if she wanted to create her own line.  Although it’ll be a first-time venture for Linzi, she can finally assert the importance of natural body image and acceptance.  She happily says, “There is nothing sexier than confidence. If you respect yourself, you’ll be confident. It’s not about being skinny.”  The clothing line is just getting created and projected to launch a complete line in the fall of 2018.  The company is called bodyonfirefitness.com

When asked about future dreams and aspirations, Linzi has nowhere to be but where she is today.  She thrives on living in the moment and affecting people to be the best they possibly can.  All she asks from people is to “Love yourself…love your life. It is that simple.”

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