Featured Trainer: Caleb Kinney-Woods

By Hamed Hamad

Born and raised in Essex, Iowa, Caleb Kinney-Woods was one of four children with a good upbringing in this close knit-town. The entire family was a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs so he grew up playing baseball, basketball, football and track. Although sports were never forced upon the kids, Caleb and his siblings loved being active.

Caleb’s love for sports was less about competition and more about the fundamentals of team effort. He says, “It was my love of camaraderie and accountability that made me appreciate it.” After graduating high school, Caleb attended Iowa Central Community College where he excelled at football. His father always pushed him to strive to be the best through resilience and hard work.

After earning his AA degree, Caleb went to Iowa State and majored in kinesiology and health, which was a life changing moment for him. It was hard to accept that he wouldn’t play football again, but it was a long-term decision that Caleb had to think hard about. He appreciated the discipline that sports gave him, but a career in personal training became his calling.

The more Caleb studied human anatomy, the more he was fascinated with how the body moved and reacted to certain things. He says, “Just from playing football, I already had a good understanding of the body, how it moved, reacted and how to protect myself, so the career move felt right.” After graduating from ISU, Caleb moved to Albuquerque, NM where he found a strong demand for personal trainers. It was in New Mexico when Caleb discovered the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) and noticed the certification satisfied all his personal training needs. He says the customer service he received from Adele and the NCCPT, showed the staff loved what they did and appreciated the great bond that was formed.

Caleb instantly put his NCCPT certification to work and became addicted to helping people do things they never thought they could do with their body. One client by the name of Jolene, called the gym [crying] to say that for the first time since the passing of her husband she was able to carry firewood from the garage to her home. For years, Jolene was paying someone to help her, fearing that she would fall and hurt herself. Caleb says, “I rebuilt Jolene’s confidence first and then educated her on how each muscle worked.” That was just one of several success stories that won Caleb “Best Personal Trainer” in Burque Magazine.

Shortly after, Caleb took a leap of faith and relocated to Denver working for the Colorado Athletic Club-Union Station. Now, his clients are a mix of men and women who want to get back in shape, but his core principles of teaching remain the same. He enjoys utilizing weightlifting and powerlifting for his clients, while educating them about each muscle and the effects of exercise. For his own personal regimen, Caleb challenges himself climbing, spartan racing, obstacle running and speed agility work, just to name a few.

Looking into the future, Caleb would love to get into motivational coaching and inspire other trainers to do things they never thought possible. He strives to make an identity for himself and make personal training gratifying and fun. He says, “Always stay true to who you are and establish the relationship -don’t wither away from it. Plateaus are meant to be broken and make some changes. Nothing stays the same.”

For more information on Caleb Kinney-Woods or to connect with him directly, please visit the following:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caleb.kinney

Instagram: @calebkinneywoods