“Treat Yo’ Self”

As an NCCPT trainer, you’re almost always focused on your clients. Even when you’re not training, you’re thinking about what you can do to better help them and what kind of tips you can give them the next time you see them. It can be exhausting to spend your entire day training and then struggle to separate yourself from work.

Not only do you deserve a break every evening, but it’s better for your overall health. So, what can you do to separate yourself from work and wind down at the end of each day?

Change into non-work clothing. Clothing can change your overall feeling. If you feel like pajamas are too similar to your work/workout clothes, consider changing into one of your favorite “regular” outfits. Whether you plan to go out or not, it can change your mood and help remove you from the events of your day.

Enjoy a favorite smell. Whether you’re wanting to smell a certain food, flower, or candle, make it happen. Cook up something delicious or buy yourself some flowers. Light a candle and just enjoy the way it smells. If you’re really in need of a boost, try meditating or imagining being in a place the smell reminds you of.

Take a bath and crank the tunes. Baths can do wonders for the muscles and the soul. Adding music can help take your mind off your day and transport you to your favorite place. Whether you prefer beachy tunes or heavy metal, turn on something you don’t usually listen to at work and enjoy a nice soak.

Turn off all technology. This one can be really hard to do, but do it. Turn off the TV, turn off the phone, and turn off the computer. Technology can stimulate your brain and keep you from being able to wind down. Also, if you do a lot of online and social marketing, you’re bound to come across work related posts that will set you back in your efforts to take a break.

Make a favorite, healthy meal. Being an NCCPT trainer, your week is pretty busy so it might be tempting to grab some takeout or throw together a meal that’s not the healthiest. Don’t give in. Make one of your favorite healthy meals. Seriously, make it. Cooking can help take your mind off of your day and at the end, you get one of your favorite meals!

Everyone needs time to break away from work and relax. Even if you only have a couple of evenings a week, make sure that you separate yourself from your work and “treat yo’ self” so that you can recharge and do even better the next day. Remember, it’s not always about your clients.