Train Outdoors…Even in the Winter

As an NCCPT trainer, winter can be a troublesome season. Most clients will want to work out indoors in the overcrowded, stuffy gyms, and some will lose all motivation to work out until it warms up again. Studies have shown that exercising outdoors can measurably improve mood and self-esteem along with other numerous benefits, but with the looming cold and threat of snow, how can you convince your clients that it’s actually better for them to leave their stash of cocoa and their cozy fireplace and get outside to exercise?

Think outside the gym. Consider substituting some of your classes from a traditional aerobics class or weight training session to one of the following:

  • Ice skating – A 160 lbs. person can burn up to 326-580 calories per hour ice skating. Gliding on the ice is a fun exercise that works muscles and acts as an outdoor winter substitute for aerobics.
  • Snow sprinting – Fresh snow acts as a shock absorber as well as the perfect resistance for resistance training. Sprinting will help clients warm up quickly and get their workout in.
  • Sledding – A 150 lbs. person can burn up to 479 calories per hour thanks to the trek up the hill after the ride down. That snow hike offers toning and keeps the heartrate up, promoting fitness throughout the winter.
  • Cross-country skiing – It goes without saying that pushing, pulling, propelling, and dragging yourself across virtually flat terrain for miles is an awesome workout for the snowy winter months.
  • Snowshoeing – A low-impact high-calorie burning activity, snowshoeing is a great alternative to running when there’s too much snow on the ground. It’s also a great way to get out and see nature. Adding poles can give arms a workout too!
  • Walking – Walking, no matter the time of year, is a classic way to get some exercise in. Dress appropriately and enjoy the cold, fresh air among the sights your neighborhood offers.
  • Shoveling snow – Shoveling snow can help you burn calories and get your heart rate up. Additionally, it can be a minor weight lifting exercise. Grab some shovels and get your class out into the parking lot.

You can advertise your year-round classes through the on-demand fitness application, Bodies. Offer a one-time winter class to clients and potential clients, or create an entire series.

Don’t let the cold weather cause you and your clients to miss out on the perks that nature has to offer. Shaking up the routine and including activities that seem less like exercise and more like fun can be considerably beneficial keep clients motivated to stay active, even throughout the winter.