It’s Time for You to Separate Your Work from Your Personal Life

Although building friendships with coworkers and clients isn’t a bad thing, having your work constantly affect your personal life or rob you of a personal life altogether can be a big issue. As an NCCPT trainer, workouts are your life so, whether you’re at the gym training clients or at the gym for yourself, it can be difficult to keep your personal and work life separate.

Here are some tips to help you separate yourself from the everyday grind and enjoy your own time in your own way.

  1. Keep a strict schedule. This doesn’t mean wake up at exactly the same time every day, but it does mean that you should start and stop work at the same time every day. As a trainer, you have to be somewhat flexible of course, but set boundaries where possible to ensure that your time is set aside for you and can remain your time.
  1. Don’t use your personal social media profile for work. While you (your skills) are your product, promoting your business on your personal profiles is a surefire way to be sure that your work and personal life will never be separate. Set up profiles for your business where you can advertise and talk about your work. Don’t let that stop you from sharing a few posts now and then on your personal profile.
  1. Remember that it’s okay to say no. It’s hard to turn down friends, family, and clients, but if you’re double booked, overbooked, or really need some time to yourself, it’s okay to say no and turn down requests. Most people understand that everyone has a life. While it’s not recommended that you turn down nearly every request, don’t be afraid to put yourself first.
  1. Utilize technology. If your cell phone doubles as your work phone, it can be difficult to keep your professional and personal lives separate. Try using technology like Google Voice (which is free, by the way) to help you filter personal or professional calls during the parts of the day you don’t want to be receiving one or the other.
  1. Keep work physically separate. This should be a no brainer. When you’re off hours and want to work out for yourself, avoid the gym(s) and other locations at which you train. Don’t drive 100 miles to a city where nobody knows you, but do choose to workout at a place where you likely won’t run into clients.