“Would You Rather…?” Personal Trainer Edition

As an NCCPT trainer, you know that the life of a personal trainer can be hard. From crazy hours to crazy clients and everything in between, there are probably days when you want to ask yourself, “Would I rather…?”

Here are 10 fun “Would You Rather…?” questions for personal trainers.

  1. Would you rather have your clients go for little goals or one main big goal?
  1. Would you rather drink a milkshake or eat a slice of pizza mid-workout?
  1. Would you rather have a client who loves to work out but misses 50% of sessions or a client who hates working out but shows up every day?
  1. Would you rather give up dessert for abs or being in decent shape with no abs?
  1. Would you rather have a client who eats well, but is lazy or a client who eats like crap but works out?
  1. Would you rather work for a gym or work independently?
  1. Would you rather have clients hire you solely because you look qualified or solely because of your qualifications?
  1. Would you rather be off the clock, see people who have improper form, and not be able to say anything or be corrected on your form by others when you do your workout?
  1. Would you rather have clients who don’t stop talking to you about non-fitness related things or clients who never speak to you at all?
  1. Would you rather deal with the quirks of being a personal trainer forever or fulfil your childhood career dreams?

Author: Bodies