Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

It can be hard to stay healthy during Thanksgiving, but you can make a guilt-free dish the whole family will love with our 2017 healthy Thanksgiving recipe guide.

Butternut Squash Soup:

Soup is an excellent and light starter, or can be lunch before Thanksgiving dinner!

This Butternut Squash Soup is creamy comfort without the guilt.


Sweet Potato Casserole:

Casserole can have a lot of calories and fat, so here’s a better alternative.

Two classic holiday ingredients come together for a side dish with a crunch. 


Herb Roasted Turkey:

While poultry can be among the leanest meat, Thanksgiving turkeys are usually anything but. Not with this recipe though!

Herbs and spices come together to make your turkey anything but ordinary.


Gluten Free Stuffing:

Stuffing is a staple on Thanksgiving, but it doesn’t have to live up to it’s name.

A gluten-free alternative to a holiday staple.


Glazed Carrots and Turnips:

Skip the fattening yams and marshmallows in exchange for a still-sweet but lighter vegetable treat.

Take advantage of seasonal vegetables with this healthy dish everyone will love.