Featured Trainer – Kelly Terwilliger

By Hamed Hamad

Although aspiration and dedication are virtues to achieve your dreams, being born into an industry can be just as influential.

Kelly Terwilliger grew up in a home with a gym and remembers benching as a little girl with her dad’s workout friends, which eventually led to high school weightlifting classes. Kelly considers her father as her biggest influence and admired his commitment to fitness and how he made his own machines for his home gym.  

Despite the emphasis on health and wellness in the household, Kelly had no idea that she would end up being a trainer. She dedicated 10 years to the private aviation sector, but knew she wanted to run her own business one day. Kelly ended up operating two fitness franchises, but it was something she didn’t think about doing until she became pregnant with her son.  Seven months into her pregnancy, Kelly relocated from Cincinnati, Ohio to Houston and created a vision for a post baby body.  As she fulfilled this vision, she discovered to the online fitness world and joined a few programs, which gave birth to her own online personal training company, Results M-fit.   

As a new mom, Kelly says, “I went through the postpartum roller coaster.  I designed a team online to keep us all motivated so we went through the journey together and I’m proud to say that 90% of my clients come back to me.” Managing fitness clubs were always a fun challenge she says, because each day had its own surprises and challenges.  Her favorite part was creating a positive environment where the entire staff was treated like family. She says, “I found that managing that way would get me farther than being a stern and scary boss.  Now don’t get me wrong, some people needed to see the stern, but for the most part they knew I had their back and would teach them everything I knew.”

When it comes to clientele, Kelly’s specialty is new moms and female athletes that want to get stronger. For the moms, Kelly sets small attainable goals and focus on nutrition for the family, while her female athletes focus on agility, stability, strength, fat burning and macro counting.  However, both clientele have full access to Kelly to assure they have someone by their side. In addition, there’s a Facebook group so the women in training can have additional support, nutritional advice, meal planning tips and of course encouragement from an entire team.  And just like her clients, Kelly has overcome her fair share of trials and challenges.

In the last few years, Kelly had a number of health concerns such as hormone imbalance, fertility issues, high blood pressure and now osteoporosis. Her goal is to stay strong and live a healthy life.  Over time, Kelly cured her high blood pressure through lifestyle and is currently working to cure her osteoporosis and hormone imbalance with the help of a holistic nutritionist.  She says, “When your doctor tells you that you have high blood pressure because of genetics, I would get a second or third opinion.  I did and I believe it saved me from additional health concerns.”

Looking back at her life, Kelly appreciates everything that has shaped her as a person and businesswoman. Even when it comes to her experience with NCCPT, she says, “The company has great programs and they are very detailed with their certifications.  The staff is always there when I have a question.” Thus, the notion of being “present” is a vital theme between NCCPT and Results M-fit. More importantly, Kelly says, doing something for you each day and going to bed happy and feeling accomplished is priceless.

For more information on Kelly Terwilliger and to connect with her personally, please visit the following and check out her latest cookbook called Crockpot & Core: http://resultsmfit.com/index.php/ebook/

Instagram: @resultsmfit.  

Website: www.resultsmfit.com.  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/661390187348427/