How to Fall Back in Love with Personal Training

Remember when you first decided you wanted to become a personal trainer? Whether you were driven by your love of exercise, love of helping people change their lives, both, or another reason altogether, your passion and drive led you to become an NCCPT trainer, ready to take on the world.

Over time, though, it might feel like your love of personal training has faded. Thanks to long hours, ungrateful clients, lean paychecks, or whatever the reason may be, your love for personal training has all but left, leaving you discouraged and unmotivated.

Everyone experiences funks at some point or another. Whether in their personal life, work life, or both. They don’t have to last forever, though. They don’t even have to last very long. Here are five things you can do to help you fall back in love with personal training.

1. Analyze what’s bothering you. Think through everything that’s making you feel frustrated with training. Write down what you think it is that’s bothering you. Is it the minimal pay? Is it the demanding clients? Is it the working out? Figuring out what’s got you down is a huge step toward solving the problem and falling back in love with your job.

2. Shake up your routine. Get up earlier and try a new smoothie. Make yourself a full breakfast if you usually don’t. Schedule your appointments for times that you typically don’t train. Try switching your routine around or adding activities that you don’t normally do. This can help “wake you up”, so to speak, and help you feel refreshed.

3. Change your training style. Start researching different training and management styles. Perhaps instead of rewarding clients for making progress, you could start rewarding them for showing up. Instead of being soft-spoken and a “friend”, be more assertive and directive. Having clients look at you differently may help you look at yourself and your job differently as well.

4. Introduce new challenges. Challenging yourself can help you gain a new perspective on your work and fall right back in love with it. Try learning a new specialty and switching focuses. Become a nutritionist and offer nutrition counseling along with personal training. Quit working for the man and start your own practice. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to challenge yourself to grow.

5. Start a blog. Writing down your goals, your struggles and how you overcame them, photographing your success, recording your triumphs, etc. and posting it for the world to see can help you stay accountable to yourself as well as give you a different, perhaps even objective point of view on your work which can, in turn, help you make even more goals and even more progress and teach you to love your job again.

Whatever the reason you’ve fallen out of love with your job, you don’t have to just suffer through it. You can learn to love personal training again and help others love fitness as much as you do.