Don’t Let Vacation Get in the Way! 5 Ways to Motivate Clients from a Distance

As an NCCPT trainer, you know how challenging it can be to keep clients motivated when they go out of town, miss a session or two, or when holiday breaks come up. Many figure that their diet is ruined anyway or that they’ll just take a break from everything over the course of their break. Although breaks are important, this mentality can make it all the more difficult for you to help them get back in the swing of things when they return.

Here are some tips for keeping clients motivated, even when they’re out of town or miss a session.

Communicate effectively. Communicate your expectations clearly. If your client doesn’t know that you expect them to keep up on their workouts while they’re away, it makes it easier for them to justify slacking off for a day or two. If your client has to miss a few sessions in a row, be sure to keep in touch with them.

Assign homework. Assigning specific homework can help clients know not only that you expect them to work while you’re not in session, but can increase the odds that they’ll actually work while you’re not together since they’ll have an outline of what they are actually expected to do.

Focus on the client/make the experience individual. If your client feels like they’re being given the same run down as your other clients and that it doesn’t apply to them, they may take that as permission to cop out.

Connect them with other great people. There is safety in numbers. Connect them with another client you have that’s near their area or put them in touch with a motivational friend. If they feel like they have a third party to turn to/answer to, they may feel more inclined to stick with their goals, even on “off” days.

Set reminders and goals in a calendar. None of this will make any difference if you and your client forget. Schedule goals and reminders into both your calendar and the client’s calendar. This will remind you both and allow you the opportunity to follow-up with them on the progress they make throughout their absence.


Author: Bodies