Angel Murillo

By Hamed Hamad

No matter how crazy life can be, it’s always good to sit back and enjoy a story of strength and persistence.

Since he was a kid, Angel Murillo was fully supported by his mother and grandparents, who believed in his greatest potential from the get-go. He played baseball and basketball up until college and never compromised his studies amid the sports. His biggest role models were people like Joe Montana, Michael Jordan, and Barry Bonds who “Played like gods on the field, and made everyone look like rookies,” he says.

Angel began weightlifting during his junior year in high school and never missed a week since. “Seeing my body change and grow kept me hungry for more,” he says. As soon as working out became a lifestyle, the passion took over and Angel picked up a job at a local gym. Angel discovered Personal Training was a gratifying industry that kept clients addicted to a healthy lifestyle and the confidence to overcome any obstacle in life.

Currently based in Fairfield, California, Angel plays an integral part at Fitness Evolution Health Club. His wide range of focus includes weight loss, muscle building, injury rehabilitation, sports performance and the average person who just wants to be fit and healthy. With all the success the club is experiencing, Angel still appreciates the invaluable education he acquired through NCCPT and Smart Fitness. He says, “The knowledge I’ve learned from John Platero was the best and I still apply the things I’ve learned now. When I’m working with a new client, I recommend everyone take the NCCPT and Smart Fitness for their PT certification.”

As Angel looks at his life and the world in general, he believes life and fitness are the same. In order to stay healthy and do the things you love to do, you need to be health conscious and in the right state of mind to achieve those goals. Although you don’t always have to be in 1st place every time, he says, “’Life is just like fitness. We are all playing in this game; the game we call life, which can change at any second. We practice inside the gym to stay healthy, fit and sharp because, as soon as we step outside, we get in the game we call life!” Angel believes success only comes to those who focus on their goals and understand that nobody will help them better than themselves.

Looking into the future, Angel’s goals are to stay connected to his faith, complete his Sports Medicine degree and continue helping people reach their highest potential in health and fitness, ideally for a professional sports team or company one day. His drive to reach out to more clients is endless because of his belief that “Exercise is the best medicine.”

For more information on Angel Murillo or to reach him personally, please visit the following:, Instagram @chiefange_ or Facebook: Manuel Angel Murillo