Allison Breunig

By Hamed Hamad

Although it is common for people to find their passions later in life, others get shaped according to the way they were brought up.  For Allison Breunig, soccer, karate and dance were seeped into her lifestyle like blood in vein.  Whatever her brother did for sports, she did as well.  Allison also owes her parents for being great influencers in her life.  She remembers when, “I would go with my dad to the gym all the time as a child.  I was so fascinated with this huge facility that allowed him to do things he loved.  My mom taught me how to be independent and take that strong female role, which really shaped me to where I am today.”

Despite how strong of a role health and wellness played in the household, Allison never imagined going into the fitness industry, thinking that law was the way to go.  However, after discovering that fitness was more than just a passion, she ended up enjoying it and that is when opportunities naturally came her way.  Currently, Allison is celebrating 9 years working at Gainesville Health and Fitness in Gainesville, Florida.

As a manager, Allison says she has grown as a person both personally and professionally and rejoices that she gets to “…Do what I love every day, which is helping people. Not only do I get to help members, but I also have a direct role in the happiness of the staff and really help them grow like so many people helped me grow.”  Nowadays, Allison has gone from one-on-one personal training to “Tribe Training,” which is small group training that involves a maximum of 10 members.  It consists of coaching and motivating clients to reach new levels of strength training.

Allison’s clientele is a myriad of ages and stages in life.  Aside from Tribe Training, she also conducts FIT programs, which aim to improve functional fitness and strength.  The idea is to create a team environment where personal accountability is highly regarded whether it’s by a fellow team member or Allison herself.  But at the end of the day, Allison meets with everyone one-on-one to help focus on the struggles and successes that each team member is facing.  All in all, she says, “We are connecting and sharing with each other; from group classes offered in the community to finding great recipes that we share with each other. This not only helps them make healthy choices, but also create a healthy lifestyle.”

As Allison looks back at her life, she appreciates where she’s at and every decision she made to help get her where she is today.  Currently, Allison is starting to implement Smart Fitness at her gym to help provide employees the tools they need to be successful in every facet of this industry.  “With one of our core values being Create Your Own Future, it’s important to our company that our employees are constantly learning and growing, which using Smart Fitness has created multitudes of topics and pathways to learn and gain more knowledge,” she says.

Looking into the future, Allison’s goal is simple: “to never stop learning” and always do what is right for her and for others with utmost integrity.  And no matter how much you know, “There is always something someone can teach you no matter where they’re at in their life.

For more information on Allison Breunig or to connect with her personally, please visit the following: or Gainesville Health and Fitness at 352-377-4955.