9 of the Most Interesting “Get Fit Quick” Schemes


As an NCCPT trainer, you know there’s no “quick fix” when it comes to getting fit, but that doesn’t stop companies from marketing products “designed to help you lose weight and tone up in just 10 days!”. Unsuspecting clients get excited at the idea of being able to see progress with little to no effort. Unfortunately, these weight loss fads typically fail but continue to show up, past and present and will surely pop up in the future.

Here are some of our favorite “get fit quick” workout schemes. Have you heard of them?

  1. Sauna suits. Featuring a futuristic space look and the idea that users would lose multiple pounds per session, sauna suits were an exciting prospect for easy weight loss. However, with dangers like heat stroke and fainting and the fact that the pounds don’t stay off, this fad didn’t live too long.
  1. Toning shoes. A current fad across the nation, toning shoes are designed to help you tone your body while you walk. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of support for these claims and it’s not looking like the shoes will bring the results they’re designed to.
  1. Although it was designed as part of an overall body program and was supposed to help you get the thighs you could only dream of, the Thighmaster didn’t do much by way of overall fitness and didn’t make it very far past its peak in the 1990s.
  1. Vibrating belts. These are small and fairly slim belts that go around your midsection and vibrate using electronic muscle stimulating technology to help you lose fat. Although it seems like a silly gimmick, there are some that do swear by it.
  1. Treadmill bike. Nope, these bikes are not stationary. They’re designed to be used outside and help you actually go places while you exercise. “Couldn’t I just run on a treadmill or ride a bike…” No. You need Just avoid going downhill.
  1. Less of a get fit quick scheme and more of an interesting fitness option, Prancercise is, more or less, prancing around like a horse while wearing weights on your ankles in order to get fit. Admittedly, getting out and moving around every day can help with fitness, but this method is definitely not for those who have a fear of embarrassment.
  1. Belt massagers. The idea was that the belts would vibrate at a high frequency and efficiently target areas with excess fat. However, despite what we all would like to believe, spot reduction is not a thing and losing fat by standing on a platform with a ribbon belt isn’t either.
  1. Air shorts. A 1970s craze, these inflatable shorts were designed to help you sweat off unwanted fat and give you a massage through trapped air pockets. They would probably also have been helpful if you had fallen into a lake and needed to stay afloat.
  1. Weight loss sunglasses. Wait, what? Sunglasses with blue lenses are designed to help wearers better control their diet and nutrition. How? Apparently blue is an unappetizing color. Do they work? You decide!

Author: Bodies