3 Effective Ways to Pick Up More Clients

As an NCCPT trainer, building up your clientele is a goal that you’re probably constantly working on. Sometimes it may seem like the clients are flocking to you, but other times it may seem that you’re barely training at all. Here are 3 effective strategies that you can use to pick up more clients starting today:

  1. Advertise. This goes without saying, but with so many advertising options it might be difficult to decide where to start and what to do. Decide if you want to target a specific age range or group of people with specific interests, then do some research and go from there. Maybe social media ads will be a better option for you than ads posted on Craigslist.
  1. Ask for referrals. Everybody knows somebody. Use that to your advantage. Ask your personal training clients to talk to their family and friends who are interested in getting more active or finding a personal trainer. Even offer to host a meet and greet where you can talk to potential clients individually and teach them why they need your expertise.
  1. Team up. Connect with another trainer or partner up with a corporation. This will get your name out there and better recognized amongst a larger group of people. If you’re uncomfortable sharing a teaching space and want to stay independent, don’t worry! The Bodies app is another way that you can grow your clientele. Simply sign up, create a session, and start training on your own terms.