Up, Coming, and Here to Stay: 2017 Fitness Trends

Trends don’t always stick around which makes it difficult to know what to pick up on and what to let lie. Shoulder pads? No, thank you! Skinny jeans? Yes, please! Like in the hair and fashion industries, fad diets and health trends flood the fitness market and then leave a few poor souls crushed in their receding wake.

As a Smart Fitness gym, health club, or fitness center owner, how do you decide what trend to follow and what to avoid? You could try it all, but the time, money, and resources spent aren’t worth the week-long fad.

To make it easier, here are some of the growing trends to get or stay onboard with in 2017.

Dance Fitness. 2016 saw a rise in the popularity of dance fitness classes like Zumba and hip-hop. The trend is expected to continue, offering a fun, fresh way to work out, shed pounds, and feel good.

Aerobics. But not your mom’s aerobics. Featuring flatter bangs and contemporary song mixes, modern aerobics can be a fun, low-impact alternative to other workout options.

Outdoor team sports. Being in the great outdoors offers numerous health benefits; combined with the physical activity of a pickup game, and offering a competitive and social atmosphere, outdoor team sports are picking up steam.

HIIT and PHIIT. High-intensity interval training and Pilates high-intensity interval training have been around for quite some time, but have become increasingly popular within the last five years. Involving intense bursts of physical activity followed by brief intervals of rest, HIIT and PHIIT burn fat and strengthen the heart without the requirement of expensive training equipment.

Yoga. Offering benefits like stress relief and relaxation as well as spiritual balance, yoga has been around for over 15,000 years and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Personal trainers. Personal trainers provide clients with accountability and motivation and help them develop a routine. Being a non-judgmental support system with expertise in fitness, personal trainers are on the rise.

Bodies. An innovative, on-demand fitness application, Bodies connects clients to trainers and fitness locations all around the world. Bodies allows trainers and Smart Fitness facilities to advertise empty class spots, special promotions, memberships, etc. to clients wherever they may be.

Don’t fall behind in this new year. Make sure that your facility is ready to support the lasting trends. Smart Fitness provides all the education you’ll need to help you train your staff and enjoy the best 2017 year possible.