Kevin Starkey: Featured Trainer

From his days in East Liverpool, Ohio, Kevin Starkey was destined to do great things in life. As the eldest of four kids, Kevin was his mother’s right hand man, caring for his siblings and helping her to maintain a strong family bond. He quickly grew to be a caring and responsible man at a very young age and credits his mother for his protective nature. In the midst of his youth, Kevin was still physically active and played football, basketball, tennis, participated in track and field, and even studied martial arts. The culmination of activities allowed Kevin not only to remain healthy, but “self-disciplined,” he says.

Kevin took that self-discipline straight to the professional world. In 2000, he started working for a prominent power company as a line mechanic. Even though a physically demanding and grueling job, it was another reason for him to stay in shape. But after nearly a decade of arduous work, Kevin’s body began to wear and tear. He started experiencing serious joint pain and was diagnosed with a degenerative condition in both knees. Naturally, Kevin left his position for a new one with the same company, which led to being a training specialist and instructional designer. It was at that point in time he was able to “Rekindle a passion he had possessed earlier in life and was a rebirth of his desire to get into fitness training.”

The transition into fitness training not only helped Kevin’s knees heal, but it paved a brand new road for him. His love for the fitness industry spans beyond health. Kevin says, “I love the fitness industry for helping others, the camaraderie among trainers, the constant learning and the challenge of designing proper routines.”

After getting certified with NCCPT, Kevin’s adherence to healthy eating became stronger than ever. As much as he enjoys food, he now has a better understanding and respect for its importance. To keep him on track, Kevin’s wife and daughters serve as the inspiration to remain healthy inside and out, creating balance and consistency for everyone in his life.Kevin_Starkey_2

Currently in Washingtonville, Kevin works with a wide range of clientele, basically “anyone who has the desire to improve his/her quality of life.” Rather than focus just on physical fitness, it is Kevin’s mission to implement motivation, determination and mental strength more than anything else. But when he does implement exercises for himself or others, Kevin chooses an assortment of weight lifting, sports, cycling and resistance training.

Looking into the future, Kevin plans to continue learning and evolving in the fitness industry. He is currently studying and working towards his NCCPT Weight Management Specialist certification, with hopes of opening his own gym one day. More importantly, Kevin will continue to inspire with confidence. He asserts, “With confidence comes a departure from the fears that hold you back…you can’t change the past, you can’t control the future. But you can persuade the future to adhere to your vision so that you live your dream, your way.”



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