Is Fitness Feeling like a Chore? Just add Yoga!

Is Fitness Feeling like a Chore? Just add Yoga! 

We all go through those moments…we love working out while we are doing it and feel great after, but getting motivated to start our regular fitness routines has been challenging lately. People are habitual creatures and we like routine, but that routine can also get boring over time and make fitness feel like a chore. It doesn’t even matter if you are someone who goes to the gym once a week or twice a day, every day; this mental blockage affects everyone at some point in time.

What might be the problem? First it is a good idea to do a quick self-evaluation on your lifestyle as a whole. Consider if you are:

  • Sleeping enough
  • Eating a balanced diet to maintain nutrition and energy
  • Staying hydrated
  • Experiencing stress, anxiety or depression
  • Scheduling too many activities into your week
  • Properly prioritizing your health and wellness

If any of the above basics need a little more attention, it’s a good idea to try to incorporate some overall lifestyle changes or visit a health professional to make sure your general health is taken care of. You can also make some changes to your fitness routines to keep your self-excited and interested in working out. If you haven’t already done so, you can start working with a Certified Personal Trainer to develop new fitness routines and help track your progress. Seeing your goals on paper and all that you have accomplished is bound to be a great motivator the next time you don’t feel like heading to the gym! Make sure anyone you hire is experienced and certified through a recognized organization such as the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (

You can also freshen up your music and workout playlists, find a fitness buddy to go to the gym with and join a new group fitness class. As a Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance, RTY-200), I also recommend adding yoga to your fitness routines if you haven’t already done so. You can take group yoga classes or start a private or home practice. Other than the fact that I live and love yoga, why would I recommend it as a way to make fitness more engaging? There are many reasons! Yoga has amazing benefits and variety. It can:

  • Help you build muscle strength using your own body’s resistance
  • Increase flexibility and joint stability
  • Improve focus, concentration and balance
  • Establish proper breathing techniques
  • Develop core strength
  • Balance muscle development for areas that we may not focus on in a traditional workout
  • Keep fascia (connective tissue) healthy
  • Allow time for restoration of the mind through meditation

Not every yoga class is created equal and this is a great thing! Yoga practices vary in style and complexity, allowing anyone to incorporate yoga into their fitness routines. The variety of styles from restorative to gentle, yin, vinyasa, power, ashtanga and more can help even the most unmotivated athlete find some inspiration. So, try a class today, and make sure you are taking care of your whole self to feel inspired once again to continue reaching your fitness goals!