Important Tips To Help Your Clients Envision Fitness Goals

Important Tips To Help Your Clients Envision Fitness Goals

Peruse through a fitness magazine or scroll through social media, and you will surely be enamored by page after page of toned, slender, and lean physiques gaping back at you. These magazines are replete with oiled and well-endowed fitness models; professionals whose career depends on how they have amped up their six pack game. You and trainer friends know this and so do some of your clients. However, when a majority of people sign up for your services, they envision themselves gracing the covers of Muscle and Fitness in a few months’ time.

They fail to comprehend that building such a muscular and strong physique takes years of perseverance, commitment, dedication, and hard core training.  Personal Trainers and Senior Fitness Specialist certified through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers are left conflicted as to how they can manage their client’s expectations and set realistic goals for them. On the other hand, no trainer wishes to encourage their clients to give up, dishearten them from day one, or make them sprint to another trainer who says all the right things that they want to hear. Here are a few tips to help you ensure your clients are inclined towards progress and fitness, instead of overnight perfection:

Learn Client Goals from Day 1

You need to learn what your clients wish to garner from the outset, instead of letting them carry on with sessions, with no knowledge of their pre-set notions. This would prevent you from inadvertently giving them bad training advice or fostering false hopes in their minds. When you know your potential client’s expectations from the beginning, it helps you decide how to train them best.

Be Honest

Let’s face it. Most of your clients harbor farfetched goals and aspirations! You need to offer them a realistic solution if you feel their goals aren’t achievable, so that they would be motivated to try harder. For instance, if a bride-to-be asks for a magic formula to shed 100 lbs. in the next 2 months, be honest about the absurdity of this request and inform her that although you are a NCCPT Weight Management Specialist Certification, you could perhaps help her lose 30 lbs. instead without wreaking havoc on her health.

Be Sensitive

While trainers are notorious for being stern and insensitive souls, you need to recognize that most people deal with personal issues. The best way to go about this is to adopt an empathetic approach. For instance, if a client puts forward a preposterous request, let them down gently, instead of telling them they are being ridiculous. Instead of patronizing your clients and perhaps de-motivating them, give them alternate solutions and sell them on your ideas diplomatically.

Never Offer Quick-Fix Solutions

While nobody doubts your ability as a trainer, you know it is not realistically possible to turn each client in to a fitness model in a couple of months. While being honest about the situation would turn away some clients who want enviable six packs in a week, people would eventually realize that what you are offering is a sustainable program which would lead to greater results in the long run. Initially, the next guy who promises miraculous results would attract a flood of clients; they would soon realize the truth.

Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover

While some clients seem adamant about what they want and settle for nothing less, who knows they might actually be right. Just because somebody has a certain body shape or is overweight does not give you a reason to tell them they can realize their fitness goals. According to National Council for Certified Personal Trainers, the best way to ensure the feasibility of your client’s expectations is to conduct a fitness test, so that you can identify their weakness and strengths, and accordingly design a custom solution and training plan to guide them the right way.