Featured Trainer: Katie Dunlop

By Hamed Hamad

It takes a lot of time, energy and sweat to be a personal trainer. But in this day and age, it’s taking extra creativity to stay relevant, popular and successful to stay in the game.ShoeTie-w

Katie Dunlop took social media by storm after sharing and documenting her weight loss story with the digital world just a few years ago. Growing up in San Diego, California, Katie fluctuated between lifestyle habits. At times she played sports and ate healthy and other times, she fell into dozens of fad diets only to pack on the weight she worked so hard to lose. More importantly, Katie was not focused on being her best self; instead it was all about being “skinny” and stressing about sizes and numbers. After graduating from college, Katie was 165 lbs. at 5’5”, and that is when the external factors took a toll on Katie emotionally and spiritually.
With no idea that she would ever get into personal training or even aim to help others get fit, Katie got into Yoga sculpt classes and was on her way to a true transformation. She says her instructor “helped create an environment that was supportive and encouraging” and was the true inspiration behind her love for health and fitness. Katie also made small changes in her diet such as cutting down on dairy, not eating during odd hours of the day and adhering to portion control.

As Katie’s body changed in a healthy and gradual way, she lost 45 lbs. and wanted to share that same hope and inspiration with all the women out there. Within no time, Katie started teaching yoga and barre, and was on her way to becoming a personal trainer and entrepreneur. After being encouraged to look into NCCPT, she says, “I love how accessible the programs were and I went for it.” IMG_0150

Today, Katie is the proud founder of Love Sweat & Fitness in Orange County where she focuses on women of all ages and stages in life. She also creates YouTube videos with workouts, healthy recipes and vlogs. Katie tries her best to make her workouts challenging, yet practical with little to no equipment needed. And whether for her or her clients, she emphasizes on eating “clean, balanced meals throughout the day and drinking lots of water.” The focus now is about feeling well, staying active and keeping nutrition in check at all times.

Looking into the future, Katie is getting ready to launch the LSF 4 Week Hot Body Meal Plan and 8 Week Hot Body Sweat Guide. It’s been a project in the making for over a year and she is looking forward to sharing the information with her community!

For more information on Katie and to join her online community, visit youtube.com/user/LoveSweatFitness

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