Amber Stone, Good Habits, Intentional Lifestyle.

For some people, healthy choices come after a sporadic life change or even a rude awakening. But for others, practically every day of their lives was centered around a well-balanced lifestyle.

From the start, Amber was an active person and involved in many sports and extracurricular activities. Preschool soccer to track and weightlifting in high school, Amber owes a lot of her vivacious life to her mother, where she says, “Not being active wasn’t an option.” Even family time was spent at sporting events, practices, camps, and tournaments, making her mom the biggest influence in her lifelong devotion to health and wellness. Amber eventually excelled so well in sprinting while in 5th grade that she was discovered to start running for her high school varsity track team.

As far as eating habits go, food on the table was pretty much farm to fork. From raising cattle to growing a garden, very little food was bought at the grocery store. Amber says, “I owe my hard work ethic and love for the healthy foods in life to my childhood farm. So much learned on that land to shape me into the person I am today.”

Although Amber’s upbringing was centered around health, her professional career did not start that way. At first, she was an elementary school teacher and a few months into the job, Amber realized that she got into education more for the coaching than the teaching. Friends and family also knew that Amber was born for the fitness industry, since she had already guided them for years. Within no time, she enrolled in ACSM’s CPT program in fall 2010 to begin her new professional career. Soon after being hired with Get Fit in Richmond, KY as a personal trainer (which is still her home base today), Amber is now the Regional Training Director. With all these accomplishments, Amber says, “I can assure you this isn’t the end for me. I want to continue to share my knowledge with future trainers by managing many more athletic club’s personal training departments.”

When it comes to training clients, Amber does not focus on a specific type of clientele. Her focus is geared toward anyone and everyone who is looking for professional fitness and wellness advice for a higher quality of life. However, one common thing that she shares with all her clients is accountability. She says, “We all try harder when someone else is watching. But some of these clients I only get to see 1-2 hours a week, so keeping them motivated the remainder of the week is imperative.” Amber achieves this by sending motivational texts, calls, emails and even notes in her clients’ workout logs.

Speaking of motivation, Amber also owes part of that to NCCPT. She says that NCCPT has given so many of her employees the opportunity to better themselves, whether that be obtaining a personal training certificate or continuing their fitness and wellness education. “Anyone interested in getting their CPT certificate, NCCPT is my first choice mentioned,” she says. And because of it, Amber has well qualified personal trainers on her staff that she can always count on to give the best quality service to clients.

Looking into the future, Amber’s ultimate goal is to become part owner at her gym’s personal training department. Her loyalty to Get Fit is a way of saying “Thank you” for helping her create a name for herself from the start. And in the essence of the holidays, NCCPT is thankful for Amber and all the health professionals around the world who generously devote their life for the betterment of others.

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