5 Myths Which Might Ruin Your Fitness Class

Group fitness classes are something that most people shy away from and mock until the time that they actually try one. To an outsider, group fitness classes may seem like a bunch of people acting strangely while an over enthusiastic instructor chimes out instructions perkily. However, group fitness classes can really render an edge to workouts and the positive attitude of the instructor can do wonders in motivating people to strive for a healthier lifestyle; but only you as an instructor can vouch for that. Unfortunately, myths run rampant when most people have never even stepped foot inside a group fitness class. If you have obtained a group instructor certification from National Council for Certified Personal Trainers, Here are the biggest myths you need to be aware of, which might be ruining your fitness classes:

It’s Cliquey

Since group fitness classes incorporate a plethora of group activities, just like clubs and sports teams, you are either “in” or “out”! It’s never easy being the new girl or guy, especially for introverts, when you stumble upon cliques. On the contrary, clients show up to group fitness classes because they want to work alongside other people; the more, the merrier! The newcomers enjoy the charming company and the veterans are more than happy to explain how things are done around there. To put it in a nutshell, group exercise is not cliquey, but a great way to garner a great workout and make friends.

Everyone Else Is Fit

While it’s prudent to opt for a class that matches your fitness level, don’t get down in the dumps thinking that people already taking the class must be in great shape. Group fitness is not a competition! It’s all about peer support and supervised instruction. Remember that most group fitness exercises can be scaled most NCCPT certified instructors can make slight modifications to tailor the workout sessions to your experience and abilities, instead of letting you simply drift aimless. For instance, if hand weights are too tough on your wrists, you can always try an exercise ball, or of standing for protracted durations is posing a challenge for you, you can add a seat to your workout. People of all fitness level are encouraged to try out group fitness classes.

You Have To Be An Extrovert

Some people shy away from group fitness exercises because they are not outgoing or an extrovert. The idea of drawing unwarranted attention to themselves or talking to strangers can make them break out in sweats. However, that’s ok! You don’t have to make friends, stand in front the class, or even talk to anyone if you don’t want to. A lot of clients enjoy receiving instructions and exercising with others while keeping to themselves; they walk in, workout, and slip out without a word exchanged. No pressure!

It’s Only For Women

Here’s another misconception and a wide spread cliché; Real men lift weights, and Aerobic classes are for women, right? The Answer is no! Group fitness is all about practical strength and performing exercise routine that translates to everyday activities and daily movements. They render you more capable of doing what you already do. While it is true that more women than men join these group fitness classes, the men feel equally right at home and are also challenged by the workout.

It’s Inconvenient

Most people complain that meeting the requirements of group fitness classes in their daily hectic lifestyle is too much of a challenge. However, the reality is that you do not need to attend the classes every day. Even one class a day can drastically bolster your fitness and health. Most fitness centers offer classes throughout the evening, afternoon, and morning, so there’s sure to be a timing that caters to your schedule.

Check out the Certified Group Exercise Instructor course or the Small Group Training Course if you’re interested in teaching a class like this.