Nutrition Counseling? The Next Big Thing

If you have been thinking about adding a Nutrition Counseling component to your business, and want to learn from the best, I have a Special Event to share with you…

How would you like to not only get Certified as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, but also get all the tools (6 months of Custom Online Nutrition Software access) and specialized coaching to ensure that you are successful??

Well now you can…

My good friend and NCCPT CEU Accredited Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist program creator, Lucho Crisalle is putting on a 3 day training not to be missed!

The MONETIZE YOUR NUTRITION KNOWLEDGE – Convert * Create * Automate event.

This event will get you up and running and making money even before the New Year’s Resolution crowd comes on board.

Check out all the details here: Click Here

Now this event is by far the best deal – as you receive over $5,000 in valuable training and resources, including a 6 month license to their Custom Online Nutrition Software, when you purchase this package. However, they are also throwing out some special deals just for their “friends” at NCCPT.

First, check out all the details included in the full MYNK event: Click Here

If that package is outside of your budget (although they do have incredible payment plans), then as a “friend” of NCCPT, you have another option.

*Please note that this does NOT include the 6 month Software License (which WILL save you hundreds of hours and make you thousands of dollars).

And, last but not least – if you just want to attend and check out all the great training, speakers, software and the Saturday evening Fundraiser Vegas Event, then CLICK HERE to access and grab your Attendee Ticket! Remember, that does not include the Certification, the Software or the Coaching!

Tell ‘em that John sent you – and they will take great care of you. I promise!