This fitness superhero changed his physique and then changed countless others…

A lot of people want instant gratification, and they need to understand that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Every step we take is furthering us on the mountain of accomplishment.

Tyler Kroll lives upFeatured personal trainer to his own words of wisdom. Born and raised in a small town in Minnesota, Tyler was always an active child who enjoyed the outdoors and playing with his friends. Growing up, there was no specific sport or activity that he was pressured to play or focus on; however, Tyler ran cross-country for the majority of his time in high school.

Upon his graduation, Tyler attended Alexandria Technical College and, soon after finishing his studies, accepted a job in nuclear security. It was his background in law enforcement that slowly shaped Tyler’s future in personal training, and specifically bodybuilding. Tyler and one of his coworkers (who is also NCCPT certified) entered men’s physique contests both for fun and passion. Within a year, Tyler had competed in six shows; of the ten classes, he ranked in the top five in eight of them.

When it comes to bodybuilding, Tyler says, “I got hooked after my first show of facing intangible fears and critics.” In 2014, Tyler won first place as Novice Tall Body Champion at the NANBF Northern States Natural Classic competition, and second in Overall Physique at Badger Classic.

After five years in nuclear security, competing in bodybuilding competitions all the while, Tyler landed a job as a medical fitness specialist (personal trainer) in a medical clinic/fitness center in Minnesota. It was during this time that Tyler began to realize how much he enjoyed personal training and, specifically, sharing his expertise and experiences with others.

Tyler says that no client background is an obstacle for him, as he has trained a range of clients from diabetic patients looking to lose a lot of weight all the way to people who were inspired to compete in bodybuilding competitions just like him. One particular client story that Tyler always enjoys sharing is that of his first and most driven client, whom he met soon after starting his own fitness company, “TYtanium Training.”

Tyler’s client (who will remain anonymous) was a well-accomplished professional in his field and was willing to do whatever it took to live a healthier life. He was suffering from chronic fatigue and needed to lose a considerable amount of weight to reach his goals. Even though money was no object, fine dining and eating out were two major culprits behind his weight gain. After training just twice a week with Tyler, coming in for cardio on his days off, and preparing most of his meals, he lost over 30lb in just 7-8 weeks.

For Tyler, any client under his wings is in for a complete package. “That one thing people need is accountability.” More so, he says that the point of personal training for him is to accompany clients on their journey and make them realize that accountability is indeed the truth behind every success story. In addition, Tyler says that he enjoys zeroing in on each person, making it his mission to figure out the root problem behind every struggle. Whether it is indulgences, uncontrolled cravings, or emotional issues, it is the time spent on the problem that makes the solutions much more effective and everlasting.

As he prepares for his future, Tyler looks forward to continued participation in bodybuilding competitions and to one day becoming a prep coach for athletes taking the stage. On behalf of the NCCPT, we congratulate Tyler Kroll on being Personal Trainer of the Month. For more information on Tyler or to connect with him personally, visit or