Remembering “Hercules,” Steve Reeves

Steve Reeves

Steve Reeves (1926- 2000) was a Mr. America, Mr. World and Mr. Universe all by the age of 25! Although, Sergio Oliva was called the Myth, Steve Reeves was a god!

At one time he was the highest paid actor in Europe. I remember him from watching him play Hercules in the movies. Although he’s best known for that role, he only did two Hercules movies; the first film being the highest grossing film of 1959.

Steve was the first bodybuilder to become a movie star. He was offered the role of Sampson in Cecile B. De Mille’s Sampson in Delilah but was told he had to lose 15 pounds for the part. He couldn’t or wouldn’t lose the weight so the part went to Victor Mature. He also was offered Clint Eastwood’s role in Fistful of Dollars but turned that down. He had a classic physique with incredible symmetry. I never missed one of his movies when I was a kid.

Check out his measurements:

Height: 6’1

Weight: 216

Neck: 18.5

Chest: 52

Waist: 29

Hips: 38

Biceps: 18.25

Forearms: 14.75

Wrists: 7.25

Thighs: 26

Calves: 18.25

Ankles: 9.25

Notice his calves and biceps are the exact same size.

Steve was a true cowboy, born and raised in Glasgow, Montana. He loved horses and after he retired at 45 from acting, he lived on a ranch, north of San Diego.

He had some interesting ideas in regards to training. He believed you should only weight train three times a week and each session should have a goal. A person shouldn’t train just to train; it could lead to overtraining.

When asked about bodybuilding he replied, “I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of modern-day bodybuilding. It’s gotten way out of control and no longer is it about developing health and vitality but more about getting massive, no matter what the cost to health. It wasn’t always that way.”