Mike Calarino… Jersey Strong!

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Many people associate strength and success with a stream of situations that do or should go right. In some instances, however, it is the broken pieces that forever shape your future, relegating the past to a mere memory.

Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, Mike Calarino grew up in a broken home. His mother worked two jobs to support her three children, while his stepfather battled alcohol addiction. In turn, sports became a refuge for Mike as early as the seventh grade, especially after meeting his best friend, Steve. Mike says, ?Steve was an outstanding basketball player and very competitive. From then on, I did everything possible to be better than him. Mike worked on his jump shots and running sprints from dawn to dusk, gradually falling in love with sports.

In high school, Mike continued to play various sports – football and wrestling came naturally to him. His short and stocky but strong body was a blessing, though it would later become a weakness. From thinking that his strength alone would get him through wrestling matches easily, Mike eventually realized the importance of technique. Once he put some passion, hard work, and a change of mindset into the sport, Mike became a pro high school wrestler and started winning matches.

Upon graduating from high school in 1998, Mike joined the United States Marine Corps for three years and, soon after, began attending college part-time while working full-time. He graduated from Brookdale Community College in New Jersey and went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix. Even during this period, sports played a big role in Mike’s life as he played in basketball leagues and continued to weight train. For Mike, sports and college are what built his entire foundation, though he did not yet realize the impact it would later have on his professional life.

In 2005, Mike started working as a heating and air systems installer. One day, a friend called him about a job opportunity at the gym where he worked out, saying how Mike would be a great fit. All it took was one scheduled interview and the rest was history. In the midst of this, Mike did his own research on NCCPT and became certified on his very first try.

Mike states that his personal fitness philosophy has always been to have fun and give the clients an amazing workout.

Mike is now celebrating nearly a decade of doing what he loves: training people, playing sports, and now competing in his first flag football tournament. As for his own clientele, Mike focuses on all types of people at various stages of training. His most memorable client story started two years ago with a man named Harry. When the two first met, Mike says, ?Harry was timid, out of shape, and scared to death of being pushed?and I was determined to change Harry’s life.? Mike spent the next two years transforming Harry mentally and physically, mainly through the use of metabolic conditioning. Mike says, “Metabolic conditioning uses exercises designed to burn calories during the workout and maximize calories burned after the workout,” which he also uses on himself in conjunction with traditional bodybuilding. Harry is now looking and feeling better than ever, making Mike’s job even more rewarding.

Mike states that his personal fitness philosophy “has always been to have fun and give the clients an amazing workout.” As for what the future holds, Mike’s goal is just to be the best trainer that he can be and to reach as many people as he can. More importantly, he hopes to start a family soon.

Mike Calarino and many like him have proven that your past does not necessarily have to be your future. Sculpting your body is one thing, but sculpting your life is a whole different story. For more information on Mike Calarino or to connect with him personally, visit mcalarino@workoutworld.com