Greg’s medical fund

My only sibling, my ‘kid’ brother,  Greg (age 48) has recently been diagnosed with a rare cancer in his liver and bile ducts called Cholangiocarcinoma.  He has a wife and two young children (Dylan and Helena ages 11 and 8) he is not able to work (as a fitness trainer) for a while.  He’s been coming back to California to work while his wife and kids are in Sydney trying to start a business…and we got this diagnosis in May.

If you know me,  you that I am not a person to reach out and ask for assistance, but I’m doing it now – he and his family will need all the help they can get and frankly I must DO something proactive to help decrease his stress…(and mine) this is all happening very fast which is why I’ve decided to do something positive, now.

Please, if you want to help – now is the time I’m reaching and asking, if you can please.   Even sharing this page link on your social media or email the link and keeping it active will help so much even if you can’t donate that would be a huge help.

Thank you thank you thank you.